Project Profiles

The overall purpose of the STAR grant is to understand how to interrupt sitting time and the consequences for healthy aging in postmenopausal women. The grant is comprised of three projects: 1) Project 1 is a lab based research study; 2) Project 2 is an intervention study; and 3) Project 3 applies machine learning techniques


Project 1: A randomized crossover trial of acute effects on biomarkers of healthy aging in the laboratory

Description of Study:

The P1 project is a 3-condition randomized crossover clinical trial of 78 postmenopausal women to test whether different interruptions to prolonged sitting improve metabolism.


Project 2: A randomized trial of 3-month effects on biomarkers of healthy aging and physical functioning in the real world

Description of Study:

The P2 project is a 3-arm randomized control trial designed to assess ways of interrupting sitting in 405 overweight, postmenopausal women. 


Project 3: A 5-7 year prospective study of associations between sedentary behavior patterns, biomarkers, physical functioning and mortality

Description of Study:

Project 3 will develop and apply machine learned behavioral algorithms to provide evidence for which sedentary behaviors impact long-term health outcomes.  The P3 project will assess how sitting, standing, moving from sitting to standing and physical activity are related to biomarkers of healthy aging, physical functioning and mortality. This Project will apply novel, accurate, machine-learned, behavior-based classification methods to define new SB variables using existing accelerometer data.